New wrapper scripts to make using PSEventing easier

I've included some handy wrapper functions to make working with events and scriptblocks a bit easier - download the example script called "event handling wrapper functions" from the Releases page.

  • Add-EventHandler : Automatically run a scriptblock when the provided event occurs on a given variable (when inside Do-Events loop)
    • Add-EventHandler [-Variable] <PSVariable> [-EventName] <String> [-Script] <ScriptBlock>
  • Remove-EventHandler : Remove all bindings for the specific event from the given variable.
    • Remove-EventHandler [-Variable] <PSVariable> [-EventName] <String>
  • Do-Events : Much like VB's DoEvents command, this function puts PowerShell into a waiting state and will call your ScriptBlocks when your configured events occur. Use Ctrl+C to exit.
    • Do-Events [-ExitImmediately] <Boolean>

NOTE: your ScriptBlocks will only be called if you're inside a Do-Events loop.

1# Add-PSSnapin PSEventing
2# $fsw = new-object
3# $fsw.Path = "c:\temp"
4# $fsw.EnableRaisingEvents = $true
5# Add-EventHandler (get-variable fsw) deleted {
            param([System.Management.Automation.PSVariable]$variable, [EventArgs]$args)
     ... do stuff ... }
6# Do-Events $false

an example how to wire up an event using the wrapper scripts

Wondering how to handle .NET events in PowerShell?

Nrgghg,  I feel another PowerShell project coming on ...  enter PowerShell Eventing 0.5 Beta! With the magic of lightweight codegen, aka LCG, a smidgeon of reflection (well, quite a bit) and some inspiration, I managed to cough up this latest project.

While you cannot directly bind scriptblocks as eventhandlers, you can automatically route events in realtime to a background queue and deal with them in your time with a special Get-Event cmdlet. There is a sample walkthrough on the home page of the Wiki, and you can download a Sql backup script which shows progress reporting, all in script!

PS 1# Add-PSSnapin PSEventing                                                                      
PS 2# $wc = new-object                                                        
PS 3# get-eventbinding -IncludeUnboundEvents | ft -auto                                            
VariableName   EventName               TypeName  Listening                                                              
------------   ---------               --------  ---------                                                              
wc             Disposed                WebClient     False                                                              
wc             DownloadDataCompleted   WebClient     False                                                              
wc             DownloadFileCompleted   WebClient     False                                                              
wc             DownloadProgressChanged WebClient     False                                                              
wc             DownloadStringCompleted WebClient     False                                                              
wc             OpenReadCompleted       WebClient     False                                                              
wc             OpenWriteCompleted      WebClient     False                                                              
wc             UploadDataCompleted     WebClient     False                                                              
wc             UploadFileCompleted     WebClient     False                                                              
wc             UploadProgressChanged   WebClient     False                                                              
wc             UploadStringCompleted   WebClient     False                                                              
wc             UploadValuesCompleted   WebClient     False                                                              
PS 4# Connect-EventListener wc disposed -verbose                                                   
VERBOSE: Target is a WebClient                                                                                          
VERBOSE: Now listening for 'disposed' events from $wc                                                                   
PS 5# $wc.Dispose()                                                                                
PS 6# get-event | ft -auto                                                                         
Occurred             Source      Name     Args                                                                          
--------             ------      ----     ----                                                                          
5/13/2007 8:04:20 PM variable:wc Disposed System.EventArgs                                                              

Have fun!

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