PSEventing 1.0 Released

PSEventing 1.0 Released

Trap and respond to synchronous & asynchronous .NET events within your powershell scripts with this easy to use suite of cmdlets.

What's new?

  • A PSEvent object's Source property now contains the PSVariable wrapping the original object which generated the event. This resolves scoping issues with 0.5 whereby it wasn't always possible to reach the original sender by variable name (using get-variable).
  • New-Event cmdlet added for inserting user-generated "events" into the queue. This cmdlet allows attaching an abitrary object payload which is available in the PSEvent's Args.Data property.
  • All event handlers are now AUTOMATICALLY unhooked if the original PSVariable goes out of scope! No more phantom events continually generated if you forget to use the explicit "Disconnect-EventListener" and lose your reference. Simply null out a variable or let it disappear into the scopeless void!
  • and finally, some bugfixes, as listed on the release page.

Pick it up from CodePlex, includes source:


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