SharePoint Resources & Localization – What, Where and Why?

This is a just a short post to remind myself (and you, frustrated googlers/bingers) about the different ways resources are defined and accessed within SharePoint. While some .NET applications use embedded resources or satellite assemblies, SharePoint has a preference for raw RESX files. These resx files are dumped in one of two places:


- application-level "global" resources
- propagated at site definition instantiation
- later modifications require stsadm -o copyappbincontent
- they live in <approot>\App_GlobalAppResources
- accessed via HttpContext.GetGlobalResourceObject / TemplateControl.GetGlobalResourceObject
- declaratively accessible <asp:foo runat="server" text="<%$ Resources: myapp.core, ResKeyName %>" />
   (where myapp.core represents myapp.core.resx)

- farm-level global resources
- available to all applications
- remain in 12\RESOURCEs, not copied anywhere
- typically used programatically via SPUtility.GetLocalizedString  ( Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities )

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